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Girlschool Wants You to Shut Up and “Take It Like a Band”


Girlschool are probably the most famous all-female band from the NWOBHM era. They did a really awesome split with Motörhead way back in the day, and were widely regarded as matching Lemmy and Co. when it came to raising Hell. In his autobiography, Lemmy describes them as “fucking excellent”, and says late guitarist Kelly Johnson was “as good as any guitarist I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Well, it appears they’re still kicking ass in 2015. The band just released the lyric video for a new song, “Take It Like A Band,” and it’s a classic road-dog metal track with an important message: put up or shut up. If you’re going to haul your shit to a booze-soaked club on a Tuesday and play loud-ass speed metal, you better love it. The track reminds me a lot of “We Are The Road Crew” in that way.

Anyway, listen to “Take It Like A Band,” and let us know to hear a club promoter say that phrase to a dickhead local opener. It would make our day.

[via Metal Underground]

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