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Justin Bieber Wears Metallica Shirt on The Ellen Degeneres Show; World Ends

  • Axl Rosenberg

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Return to your homes, hold your families close, and wait: metal is about to be irrevocably changed forever.

Metal Injection reports that Justin Bieber went on Ellen Degeneres’ The Ellen Degeneres Show Starring Ellen Degeneres earlier today wearing a Metallica shirt…

…and the internet, bastion of justice, was justifiably enraged. Below, read some samples of Metallica admirers’ reactions to Bieber’s choice of attire (again, all courtesy of Metal Injection), as well as my reactions to those reactions, because I feel like these fans will likely need all of MetalSucks’ mighty media power to raise awareness and prevent an atrocity such as this from ever happening again.

Yes, Mr. Luckring, I agree! I think it would perfectly reasonable for Bieber to receive the death penalty as a consequence of his actions. Let the punishment fit the crime, right? P.S. I also agree that cod is the least-delicious of all fish!

It seems like this young lady is really concerned with Mr. Bieber’s presentation — i.e., that he didn’t wear something classy, like a Steve Harvey suit — and not with the implication of shirt — i.e., that he’s a Metallica fan. Still, happy to have Brookkie on the side of the good guys!

See, now this Long Island resident really understands what America is all about! Bully for him!

Seriously, dude! I mean, what fake as fuck bullshit will people try to pull next? Is an adolescent caucasian Power Trip fan from New Jersey gonna unironically type “boiiii” or something?!?!


Even less metal than this!

Or this!

Or this!!!

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