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Mirror Has Two Faces: Satan’s Wrath, Repulsion Side Project New Jam



The band Mirror might stress you out. For a fan of theirs, it’s like being passenger in a car that’s rocketing down canyon roads — when suddenly the driver diverts his attention from the very serious task of not crashing, turns to you, and starts telling you a complicated joke. Between your fingers you spy him as he addresses you, unconscionably inattentive to the twisting roads and the blurred landscape, totally absorbed in the telling, you giggling mournfully at the set-up to this interminable oral sex zinger, bitterly mirthful despite most imminent impact. A lover of Mirror feels like this because their album arrives on the heels of Die Evil, an awesome album by Satan’s Wrath, the other band in which half of Mirror is member. Die Evil came out in May and rips! We’re not on to the next thing yet.

I mean, Mirror is amazingly entertaining, but again, is this the time and place for it? Can we “hear the BJ joke” (Mirror) once we’ve “stopped the car” (Die Evil‘s cycle)? Where’s the fire? Will I ever hear Die Evil in concert? Let’s crank “Mirror” below and stress out more. Another jam Rhombus’d here.

Mirror’s Mirror is out Friday via Metal Blade. And by extension, it can be guessed that Satan’s Wrath’s new album is out in March. Get Mirror here and here.

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