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Beyoncé, Madonna Amongst Latest Pop Stars to Get the Metal Shirt Treatment


Since we know how much you cats love shirts for pop stars that look like shirts for metal bands, this seemed worth bringing to your attention: Sex & Death now has a new line of such shirts, and I gotta say, they look pretty great. Check ’em out (click on the photos for buy links):

aaliyah-anthrax_a3a564ca-2523-4672-968b-b01548419013_1024x1024My favorite of the designs, though, actually has nothing to do with pop stars, and everything to do with my passion for unreadable band logos:


And while they’re sold out now, they also made these rad Axl Rose/Alfred E. Neuman mash-up shirts, which is funny, ’cause an Axl Rose/Alfred E. Neuman is my Twitter icon!


You can purchase these and other fine designs here.

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