Thy Art Is Murder Sound Like Shitty Tourmates


Thy Art Is Murder have thus far proven themselves to be brand loyalistsshameless plagiarists, and picky eaters. And now, we can add shitty tour mates to the list.

According to the episode of ‘Tour Pranks’ below, the band had a habit of pulling tour pranks on Sworn In, specifically sabotaging their risers. According to frontman CJ McMahon:

“Lately, Andy [Marsh, guitars] has been fucking with Sworn In. They have these three ignorant ego-risers made from steel with four legs. Andy has been stealing a leg a day and hiding it so that they don’t have their ego risers to stand up and look all big and strong.

“They were looking for the shit for ages. At the time I didn’t even know what was going on. Andy kept it to himself, he can be super sadistic sometimes. He really fucked them over. The whole time the legs were under this table. They were coming on here and smoking up all of our weed because they don’t have any of their own.

“They would sit right next to the stolen pole and didn’t even realize it. They’d trip over it and not notice it.”

Wow, what a dick move! If you don’t like someone you’re touring with, fine, but sabotaging their shit — even if it’s shit that’s not vital to their performance — makes you a Grade A asshole. So many things can go wrong on tour, so the last thing you should have to worry about is your tour mates fucking you over.

One hopes that this is a prank among friends, but with the vibe I get from McMahon in general, I doubt it. There’s also a riff about dosing dudes with extra-strong edibles, which is always fun if you have a show to play with the next day.

Anyway, bands: don’t tour with Thy Art Is Murder. Even if you think everything’s cool between you, it might turn out that they privately don’t like your band’s presentation and will therefore fuck with your live show. And bands, if you’re on tour with Thy Art Is Murder, and your shit keeps disappearing, well, now you know whose bus to look on for it.

[via Metal Hammer]

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