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Anthrax Make (coughMetalSucks-Inspiredcough) Hanukkah Sweatshirts Now


In 2013, I wrote a joke post about Anthrax releasing Hanukkah sweaters in response to the trend of metal bands making Christmas sweaters.

Anthrax have now made that joke a reality. They even used my design!!! (In all fairness, I used someone else’s design first.) So this is not only a terrific piece of merch, but a terrific boon to my ego as well. I wonder how long ’til they make the yarmulkes to match?

Anthrax, if you’re reading this, please send my cut to Axl Rosenberg, c/o The MetalSucks Mansion. I believe your wonderful publicist has the address.

Everyone else: get your Anthrax Hanukkah sweatshirt here. They’re only making 300, so don’t dawdle!

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