President Barack Obama: “I am Not the Lead Singer from Korn.”


“I am not the lead singer from Korn,” President Barack Obama has confirmed, allowing millions of Americans who thought they may have elected the guy who wrote “Fagit” to lead their country for two terms.

Okay, so part of that isn’t true — Obama did clarify that he’s not Jonathan Davis, but, obviously, he was making a joke.

The reason for the joke? He was awarding a medal to Florent Groberg, a former Army captain who tackled a suicide bomber in Afghanistan in 2012; while he was in the hospital recovering, Groberg was visited by none other than Davis, whom Groberg initially thought was a hallucination, presumably brought on by a mixture of PTSD and painkillers. (“AH, FUCK! IT’S A LIVING NIGHTMARE!” Groberg must have exclaimed, cowering under his sheets.)

Funny enough, Davis called President Obama “an Illuminati puppet” in both 2011 and 2014, while Obama called Davis “a total tool” in 1998*.


[via Metal Injection]

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