Hell Yes, There’s Going To Be a New King Diamond Album


After last year’s successful tour and this year’s US trek playing Abigail in full, King Diamond is fucking back. But now the King will no longer be a touring nostalgia act. That’s right, we’re getting a new King Diamond record, the first since 2007.

In a recent interview with Neil Turbin, guitarist Andy LaRocque said the following:

“We are going to have a little break after this tour, and after that break we are going to start writing music for the next album.

“We have some riffs but once we start getting into the process it’s going to be lots of brainstorming. It’s going to be somewhere around February.”

Fuck yes. While fans shouldn’t hold their breaths for the album to be released any time soon–King Diamond is old enough that one assumes he’ll take his sweet fucking time recording to make sure this record is perfect — it’s good to know that the band is interested in releasing new material.

What’s more, it seems like all the fans who I saw at the King’s tour last year and at Mayhem Fest this year were super enthusiastic about the band’s classic material, so hopefully the band won’t be releasing an album that tries to keep up with the kids. The last thing we need’s a King Diamond deathcore album.

Watch the full interview below.


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