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Dendritic Arbor’s “Keratoconus” Will Fuck Up Your Ears AND Eyes


Today’s heavy metal vocabulary lesson arrives courtesy of Dendritic Arbor’s “Keratoconus,” which, it turns out, is not the name of the next fictional dinosaur in the Jurassic Park franchise.

Keratoconus definition

Which looks like this:



“Keratoconus” the song is an equally, um, pointed experience: the song is over nine minutes long, which is an eternity in grindcore, but it’s time well spent, as the band takes you on a roller coaster of sounds at whiplash speed. I’ve known about Dendritic Arbor for less than a year, and this is already like the umpteenth time they’ve totally floored me.

Check out “Keratoconus” below. It will appear on Dendritic Arbor’s new EP, Sentient Village, Obsolescent Garden, which the band will self-release on December 20… just in time for Christmas!!!

[via Metal Underground]

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