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DevilDriver Announce New Album, Trust No One

  • Axl Rosenberg

Despite losing key members John Boecklin (drums) and Jeff Kendrick (guitar) last year, DevilDriver are soldiering on with new drummer Austin D’Amond (ex-Chimaira, ex-Bleed the Sky) and guitarist Neal Tiemann (ex-Burn Halo). Can they make it work without Kendrick and Boecklin, the latter of whom I’ve always heard was the band’s lead songwriter?

I dunno, but we’ll find out come May, when the band releases their new album, Trust No One*. Here’s the album art, which is, frankly, terrible:

Devildriver - Trust No One

Frontman Dez Fafara has released the following nonsensical statement about the record:

“Regarding the title Trust No One, it’s rightly named and done so. There will be no explanation needed regarding what the title means.”

I have no idea what he means by “done so,” but maybe I’m just dumb. In any case, I find it funny that he says he’s not gonna offer an explanation as to the meaning of the title, because no one would ever need an explanation as to the meaning of the title. There is no ambiguity to that title whatsoever; it’s a blunt statement, not a metaphor. I guess a couple of years of doing Coal Chamber has had a negative impact on Dez’s brain. Poor dude.

ANYWAY, Trust No One comes out May 13 on Napalm. I’d be surprised if we heard any new music before 2016 but who knows.

*The cover has the title in all lower-case letters with a period at the end, continuing DevilDriver’s long tradition of disregard for grammar; the press release has the title with capital letters and no period. I dunno which one is “correct,” but I’m going with the press release version for now because it’s less irritating.

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