Profan Existence: New Kampfar Record Just Came Out!


Everybody admires “cool” bands, the ones comprised of confident people who might enjoy our approval but certainly don’t break their necks to foster it. Their definition of “indignity” is stricter than most — or maybe it’s that they’re more disciplined, like an iron-willed “designated driver” cooly rebuffing a million offers of just one drink. At that same bar sits Kampfar, a band so unwilling to solicit my love as to hardly mention their new album to me.

It came out Friday and a CD version follows in December, but don’t feel bad if you don’t know that. Even a fan could’ve missed it, so quiet was its arrival. It’s admirable and refreshing — to whatever extent it was Kampfar’s intent to not tell us twice a day for months that Profan was out soon. In their place, you’d know that the record deserves fanfare, but you’d acknowledge that hammering social media and releasing five lyric videos isn’t exactly “good attention” for all records. For some it’s best to play it cool. Kampfar!!!!!

Kampfar’s seventh album Profan is out now (duh) via Indie. Get it here and here.

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