Baroness Follow the “Morningstar”



I can’t understand most of what John Baizley is singing on Baroness’ new single, “Morningstar,” so I dunno if the track is about navigation or Satan or what. Maybe it’s about Satanic navigation? That is some seriously untapped territory in metal music.

Not that it matters — “Morningstar” is one of the best songs from the band’s new album, Purple, and you’re all gonna listen to it, because, y’know, Baroness. So I’ll just shut up now.

Purple is out December 18. Pre-order packages, which feature an instant download of the song “Chlorine & Wine” as well as a limited edition colored vinyl version of the new album, two picture discs, t-shirts and other unique items, are available now here, on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. And don’t forget to listen to our new podcast interview with Mr. Baizley!

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