Dream Theater’s Album Art for The Astonishing Has a Lotta Balls


It’s no secret that Dream Theater love balls. Big balls, little balls, smooth balls, rough balls — from 1994’s Awake all the way through to 2013’s self-titled release, Dream Theater have sought to showcase balls with a passion unrivaled by virtually any other metal band. 2005’s Octavarium even has balls on the outside AND the inside of the album!

dream theater - awake

dream theater - octavarium
Octavarium outer art
Octavarium inner art

Dream Theater’s Album Art for The Astonishing Has a Lotta BallsDream Theater - Dream Theater

It’s not particularly surprising, then, that the prog legends have once again demonstrated their ardor for balls on the cover of their new rock opera, The Astonishing. In fact, this album cover has more balls on it than any other Dream Theater album cover before!

dream theater - the astonishing

Dream Theater and their balls will debut The Astonishing in its entirely on their upcoming European tour, set to launch February 18th in London. Funny enough, Vince called this decision “a hella ballsy move.”

Final side note: why haven’t Dream Theater covered this old classic yet???

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