Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris Wrestle with the Age-Old Question: “Would You Fuck Yourself?”

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m assuming you’re all familiar with The Iron Maidens because they’re very well known, but in case you’re not familiar with them, they’re exactly what you’d guess: an all-female Iron Maiden cover band. Their notoriety comes not just from the novelty of watching Maiden performed by maidens, but also from the fact that they’re really, really good… in fact, one of their guitarists, Nita Strauss (a.k.a. “Mega Murray”), now plays for Alice Cooper as well.

Not surprisingly, the members of the actual Iron Maiden are aware of the existence of The Iron Maidens… in fact, they’ve seen The Iron Maidens live, which, Bruce Dickinson tells Classic Rock, led to a philosophical quandary:

“I’ve seen the Iron Maidens in Mexico. We all went. We were watching them and I said to Steve, ‘This is a really weird question, but looking at them, would you fuck yourself?’ And he went, ‘I don’t know, but we’ve all been thinking it.’ It was very, very weird.”

Actually, what’s very, very weird is this quote. I love Dickinson, but it would have been nice of him to comment on the talents of the ladies in question (specifically, The Iron Maidens’ vocalist Kirsten Rosenberg, a.k.a. “Bruce Chickinson,” and bassist Wanda Ortiz, a.k.a. “Steph Harris”) and not just their sexuality. I would also hope he realizes that even though he’s a big rockstar and these women are clearly huge fans of his work, it’s not a given that they would sleep with him.

We tend to think of Dickinson as being youthful, but this statement betrays the fact that he’s from a bygone era. I guess not everything Iron Maiden do can be 100% awesome.

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