All 31 Parts of the Orchestra in The Star Wars Theme Played on Guitar


Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about the new Star Wars movie that’s coming out later this month? I sense that it’s happening because my social network feeds and the media in general have been dominated by it for the past couple of months, but… meh. I never bothered to watch the trailer and I doubt I’ll go see it. Those last three installments were pretty disappointing and, I dunno, just feels like there’s better/cooler shit in the world to care about right now! Like what’s going on Syria. Or the new Baroness album.

However: see previous comment about media. So we get videos like this one, in which Internet guitar guy Cooper Carter breaks down the famous Star Wars theme song into the 31 parts of the orchestra that comprise it, and plays them all on guitar atop one another. What we get, in effect, is a massive wall-of-guitars performance of the song. Which ends up being pretty damn cool, especially if you focus on any one of the visual panes where he’s performing any one part. I gotta say, though, it’d be even cooler if he posted all 31 videos and let us explore them as isolated tracks! Props for using so many different guitars though, even if it’s not 31.

[via Metal Insider]

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