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Comedian Brian Posehn Making New Metal Album with a Ton of Awesome Guests

  • Axl Rosenberg

You can keep Jim Breuer: for my money, Brian Posehn is the world’s most metal comedian.

So imagine my excitement over the news that the dude is making another metal album!

Metal Injection got the scoop while interview Posehn about his new movie, Uncle Nick:

“It’s taking forever but Anthrax is just finishing up their next record, it’s coming out in February. We’re using the same producer, [Jay Ruston]. We’ve been doing it for a while. It’s all written and most of the tracks are done. It’s just tweaking now. Scott and I wrote it with the help of Brendon Small from Metalocalypse, he wrote some songs too. It’s really close to being done and once we have it done, we’ll figure out when it’s coming out and all that.

“We’re putting it out through Megaforce [Records], which, as a metal fan is crazy. I’m doing something for that label 30 years after loving that label.

“I’ve been talking with Jay [Ruston] and after I finish promoting this movie, he and I are going to finish up what we can. We’re trying to get Phil Anselmo to do a guest part. We have a bunch of guests already. Alex Skolnick [Testament guitarist] did a solo. Gary Holt [Exodus and Slayer guitarist] did a solo. Kim Thayil from Soundgarden is doing a thing. So a bunch of badass guys are doing parts. And, I’m also using other vocalists, as I’ve done before. I had Mark Osegueda of Death Angel do ‘More Metal Than You’ with me, because I can’t scream. So, we have guys like Chuck Billy [Testament vocalist] coming in. I wrote a thing for Phil [Anselmo] to do and Phil said he’d do it, it’s just nailing him down and getting him in LA. And that’ll be it. Once we get those final touches down, we can put the record to bed.”

Presumably, this album will mix metal songs and covers with recordings of Posehn’s stand-up work, as was the case with his Relapse releases, Fart and Wiener Jokes and Live In: Nerd Rage.

Hopefully, Posehn manages to get this thing done and released sometime in 2016. While you wait patiently, watch Metal Injection’s entire interview with Posehn below:

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