Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Tiny Fingers, Mothra, El Topo


Tiny FingersMS reader Amir B., who recommended Tiny Fingers to us, says that while the band certainly doesn’t qualify as metal, “this instrumental group has some serious trippy heaviness and are a really awesome live act.” While I can’t attest to the latter, I’m definitely feeling the former on their latest album The Fall; even though there’s not much in the way of traditional metal guitars or drums (or any vocals at all), there’s a certain sense of darkness here that just feels metal. Check it out, and I recommend starting with Track 2:

New Zealand’s Mothra play some kind of post-metal amalgamation that reminds me of The Ocean, Isis and Cloudkicker, just to name a few. Their latest 7″ Splinters doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s really, really well done.

El Topo — an instrumental metal band from Istanbul, Turkey — also fall somewhere on the post-metal spectrum, but their brand is much more skronky and angular than the above. Dust & Pavements has a lot to offer in the way of riffs, rhythms and creative intersections between those, so go on and give it a listen below.

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