Glenn Danzig Appears in the Season 6 Trailer for Portlandia


This past summer’s revelation that Glenn Danzig would appear in the upcoming season of TV comedy Portlandia was nothing short of shocking: could it be that Danzig has finally learned to have a sense of humor about himself?

That might be taking things a bit too far, but at the very least it seems like he’s trying. A one-minute trailer for Season 6 of Portlandia — which premieres on IFC on January 21st — shows a brief clip of everyone’s favorite bricklayer and kitty litter shopper shirtless in a lake, toasting a glass of wine to the sky or an invisible reveler behind the camera. We haven’t heard anything yet about what Danzig’s skit entails, but maybe — hopefully! — he’ll be able to make fun of himself just a little.

As an aside, it seems as if IFC’s given Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein a much bigger budget to work with this season — check out some of those post effects!

Watch the trailer below. No word yet as to whether onion soup appeared on Danzig’s rider for the shoot.


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