Fred Durst Russian Propaganda Backfiring Already

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m not sure whether or not this video of Fred Durst touring a Russian vodka factory marks the begin of his tenure as a celebrity guest Minister of Propaganda for Russian-allied Crimea or not, but regardless, it does not bode well for his time in that position. Durst and his team have made some serious errors when designing this video — specifically, that they let Durst be on camera, and that they used Limp Bizkit music for the soundtrack. Granted, this may very well have been part of the deal ’cause it’s a direct endorsement, but all that means is that the Powers That Be misjudged the effect Durst and his music have on the average Homo sapien with an IQ in the double digits or higher. You could not make Russia seem like a less appealing destination if you showed video of people dying in Siberian work camps. (I can make that joke because one of my uncles died in a Siberian work camp.)

So why am I even bothering to post this piece of shit video? Honestly, because of the encounter Durst has with a non-English-speaking worker right around the thirty second mark. The look on this guy’s face says it all.

russian dude hates fred durst 1russian dude hates fred durst 2

Have a laugh:

[via The PRP]

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