Poll: What is Your Most Anticipated Metal Album of 2016?


You’ve named Cattle Decapitation’s The Anthropocene Extinction the best metal album of 2015. Great choice! But now comes the next big question: what 2016 are you most desperate to hear???

Rather than post a regular poll with hundreds of options, we’re going to conduct this poll via the comments. Here are the instructions:

Step 1) Decide what your most anticipated metal album of 2011 is. You only get to pick one. Please choose something you is definitely coming out (e.g., not Metallica or King Diamond or an artist working on an album with no release date in sight).

Step 2) Search the comments of this post for your choice (Apple-F on a Mac, Control-F on a PC).

Step 3) If it’s already listed, upvote that comment. If it’s not listed yet, add it, making sure you include the band name and album title and double-checking that you’ve spelled both correctly.

And that’s it! We’ll announce the winners after we return from our holiday break on Monday, January 4.

‘Til then — we look forward to seeing your choices…

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