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Frankie Palmeri Vows to Continue Emmure with All New Band Members


Did everyone in your band just up and walk out on you? No problem! Just get all new guys! It’ll totally be the same band! Right?

That’s the attitude Frankie Palmeri is taking after all four members quit Emmure earlier this week, In an interview with Alt Press, ex-bassist Mark Davis simply hinted at “negativity” from Palmeri as the reason for the mass exodus.

Palmeri finally released a statement of his own on Emmure’s Facebook page last night. Like Davis’s statement, Palmeri doesn’t explain what led to the split — he barely mentions it at all! But he does say he’s already got a new lineup intact, and outlines some plans for the coming year:

Well I think I have left you all waiting in suspense long enough. I want to first start out by saying the amount of positive support I have gotten since this news broke has been incredible , and I am so thankful to have so many true fans stand behind me during this time. As far as the future goes I am happy to tell you all that this is not the end of EMMURE.

There is in fact a new line up right now and we are currently working on a new studio album. Details about all of that will come to light as the weeks and month progress , but do know that there is something to look forward to. You can expect us to be making up for lost time next year as we start our first tour dates in Europe and will eventually make our way back to the USA near the end of 2016. Also know that we will embark on many other international stops so if you are reading this anywhere in the world you can expect to see us at some point next year.

Thank you all so much for your love and support.
Stay tuned.


As a non-Emmure fan I find the idea of the band continuing on with all new members pretty hilarious. But will Emmure fans go along with it? I’m trying to think how I’d react if it was a band I liked. It’s one thing when, say, Michael Keene rotates through members of The Faceless faster than a newborn baby soils diapers. We give Keene shit for it, but the truth is he’s always been the primary songwriter and it’s HIS band; it makes sense. But is the same true of Palmeri’s role in Emmure? Does he write the songs, or is he just the lyricist and frontman? And, as the outspoken and strong personality that he is, does it even matter who else is in the band as long as the other dudes are capable of writing songs “in the style of” Emmure that allow Palmeri to do his thing?

My gut tells me “Emmure” will emerge just fine from this fracas. Bring the dumb riffs and the stupid hardcore lyrics and the kids with sweatpants and flat-brimmed caps will eat it up just the same as ever. We’ll find out soon enough when the band tours Europe this coming spring.

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