Sarah Longfield Covers JFAC on the Toilet, in Bed, on an Exercise Bike, etc


For many metal fans, Job For a Cowboy are probably synonymous with toilets. I don’t feel that way — Sun Eater, released in 2014, was an absolute beast of a progressive death metal album that showed just how much the band has grown over the years — although I do think the band’s earliest works were boring deathcore at its most generic, and I have no love for those.

I know there’s a whole generation of metal fans younger than me who feel differently, for whom JFAC’s debut EP Doom is a landmark release and the band’s more recent work is wanky garbage. Guitarist Sarah Longfield must be one of them (at least the former), as she covered “Entombment of a Machine” from that EP not once but twice, first as part of a banjo cover of the song that Rob Scallon put together and now on her own. Her video’s got a twist, though: she’s seen playing through the song in a number of unlikely locations including on an exercise bike, in bed, in the bathtub, and yup, on the crapper.

Fans of Doom-era JFAC should enjoy this one. Watch below, via Gear Gods.

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