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Think of the Children! Walmart Changes the Title of Deathgasm To Heavy Metal Apocalypse



If you haven’t seen Deathgasm yet, you’re missing out. As I described at great length in my review (Jesus, how many times can one man write the phrase ‘over the top’), this film is a hilarious splatterfest full of offensive nudity, demonic possession, and all things metal.

But Walmart isn’t concerned about what’s in the movie–no, they’re worried about the title! The giant store chain has changed the title of the movie to Heavy Metal Apocalypse, because apparently the biblical death of everyone on earth is more palatable than pleasurable sex!

Deathgasm director Jason Lei Howden tweeted the following:

I mean, what did you expect, Jason? This ain’t New Zealand, this here’s America! God forfend some child see a copy of Deathgasm on a DVD rack, tug at the hem of his mother’s ‘I Woke Up Like This’ T-shirt and ask her, “Mommy, what does gasm mean?” How is she supposed to talk to her children about the fact that people die and sex is great? Like a rational adult? Pfff.  Now, guns and being murdered by God–that’s appropriate. That’s what this country was founded on!

Let this be a reminder to artists out there: you can load your work with as many dildo-beatings, throat-slashings, and demonic rituals as you like, so long as you name it something that everyday folks won’t find offensive. Want to make a movie where a guy has sex with a donkey’s insides? Just call it Cookies with Jesus or something like that. You’ll be fine.

[via Dread Central]

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