Sign This Petition for Newly Discovered Heavy Metal Element to Be Named “Lemmium” after Lemmy


Metalheads are an incredibly enterprising bunch, especially for a bunch of alleged slackers and misfits: less than a week after the announcement that scientists will be adding four newly discovered heavy metal elements to the periodic table, more than 35,000 of us have signed a petition seeking to name one of those elements after the late Lemmy Kilmister, the embodiment of heavy metal itself.

Heavy rock lost its most iconic figure over Christmas with the sudden and unexpected death of Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister.  Lemmy was a force of nature and the very essence of heavy metal.  We believe it is fitting that the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry recommend that one of the four new discovered Heavy Metals in the Periodic table is named Lemmium.  An astrological object (a star) has been named Lemmy to meet the IUPAC naming recommendations.

All those in favor? YAY!

All those against?

Petitions like this don’t carry any official weight, of course, but this one’s got enough steam behind it that it’ll likely at least gain the attention of those in charge of such decisions. So you may as well sign the petition here — what’s to lose? And besides, Lemmium just SOUNDS like an element anyway, doesn’t it?

[via Metal Injection]

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