Jim Breuer Announces “New” Band and Record Deal


Have you ever sat and longed for the musical stylings of Jim Breuer? Well want no longer, peon, for earlier today he announced that his “new” band, Jim Breuer and the Regulators, has signed to Metal Blade Records.

Music isn’t really new to Breuer because he’s already been doing the rock thing for a while now and he’s a life-long metalhead. In fact, the “new” band announced is really just his current band, the Jim Breuer Band, under a new name.

Assuming Breuer’s upcoming music sounds like his current music, the debut album, which drops this spring on Metal Blade, will be a mixture of his stand up and metal with a lot of Breuer screaming into a microphone at random pitches. And there will be a couple more metal spoofs of children’s songs too. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of his music, but the album should still be plenty funny because, let’s face it, it’s probably difficult to be pals with Dave Chapelle and be boring. Let’s just hope for a musical adaptation of the hungover dad bit that uses crow screams as some sort of vocal technique.

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