Rob Zombie Has Finally Edited 31 Down to an R Rating



As we announced on Christmas, Rob Zombie has had a tough time getting his new crowd-funded movie, 31, an R rating. At the time, Zombie had just posted the following on Facebook:

Thankfully, the third edit worked, as Metal Insider now reports that 31 has finally landed an R rating. The difference between R and NC-17, for the record, is that people under 17 can attend an R-rated movie so long as they have a chaperone, while no one under 17 can go to an NC-17-rated movie. So basically, metalhead little brothers everywhere are now rejoicing.

As a Zombie fan, I’m actually glad to hear that the movie barely warranted an R. While these pictures certainly suggest that 31 was going to be an all-out shitshow, I always hope that Zombie is going to push the envelope as far as it will go. If I found out a Rob Zombie movie was devoid of blasphemy and gore, it would break my heart.

31 is going to debut at the Sundance Film Festival this month, so we’ll get the reports on whether it’s just gory or actually good then.

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