Albums That Will Fuck Your Face Off: Perturbator, The Uncanny Valley


It’s January, and you know what that means — it’s time for MetalSucks’ seventh annual new year preview, Albums That Will #[email protected]&%*! Your Face Off! As with previous years, we won’t be spotlighting all the great releases coming out this year, but, rather, concentrating on lesser-known bands whose new releases might otherwise escape your attention. Look for these posts by assorted MetalSucks staffers throughout the week. We hope you enjoy ‘em!

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The Uncanny Valley
Blood Music
Release Date: TBA, early 2016

As Nocturne City’s ambassador to the barbarian hordes, James Kent (a.k.a. Perturbator) has been converting metalheads to the glory of synthwave since 2012 – he’s even been invited to play super underground kvlt black metal festivals like Nidrosian Black Mass. You won’t find any guitar solos or death growls here, but he blazes his own trail to Satan. That may be the most metal thing about him; his neon-soaked sound re-purposes old-school arcade games, straight-to-video horror schlock soundtracks, glittering cyberpunk cityscapes, and a Japanese import vinyl of Live after Death into one streamlined machine. It’s pretty breathtaking.

You can listen to his previous work over at Bandcamp to get a feel for what he’s done before, but the album teaser below sets off a nuclear explosion in the heart of Neo-Tokyo in the space of one scant minute. As perverse as it sounds, The Uncanny Valley may be the heaviest thing you hear all year.

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