Here’s a Playlist of Metal Covers of David Bowie to Get You Through Your Day


As you’ve no doubt heard, David Bowie passed away last night at the age of 69. Though never a metal artist, Bowie’s flamboyant fashion sense, wry science fiction-tinged lyrics, and general lack of interest in what society or music considered normal was an important influence on metal’s changing face throughout its storied history. Even as someone who freely admits he was not always the biggest Bowie fan, I’m feeling the loss today.

Below, you’ll find a playlist of metal Bowie covers, which provides a little something for everyone. The songs span both Bowie’s career and metal’s many forms, from Behemoth’s inspired “Hello Spaceboy” to Atrocity’s blackened glam version of “Let’s Dance.” We’ve also included some of Bowie’s darker work, such as “I’m Afraid of Americans”, which he wrote with Trent Reznor, and “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”, from the closing credits of Se7en.

As always, our condolences go out to Bowie and all of his friends, family, and fans. Sorry this has to be your Monday. Good luck.

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