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Textures “Illuminate the Trail”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Textures - Phenotype

Textures have released a new song, “Illuminate the Trail,” which is so friggin’ good that I actually feel bad writing about it, because I’m at a loss for words to properly convey its power. If I were as creative as the gentlemen in Textures, perhaps I could think of a more unique adjective than “epic.”

Which, I know, is a word that gets tossed around in the metal world a whole lot. But it’s rarely as apt a description as it is in the case of “Illuminate the Trail” — and not just because of the song’s running time. It’s truly a novella of a song, with an aural narrative (complete with an arc) during which it hits a wide range of emotions and, uh, y’know… textures. It’s a great, great, song.

Do not let my failure as a blogger deter you! Listen to “Illuminate the Trail” below. The song will appear on the first of Textures’ two new albums, Phenotype, which comes out February 5 on Nuclear Blast; the second of the albums, Genotype, will follow in 2017.

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