Help Abysmal Dawn Fix Their Tour Van


We’re pretty into Abysmal Dawn over here at the Mansion. Their 2014 album Obsolescence is fucking killer brutal death metal, and they put on a kickass live show. So we hope those of you who feel the same are willing to help the guys out.

The band has launched an Indiegogo campaign asking their fans to help them make repairs on their touring van in preparation for their upcoming trek with Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Cryptopsy. The goal is $3,000, to make the following repairs:

  1. Replace badly cracked windshield (this has only gotten worse over several tours and finally needs to be replaced).
  2. New thermostat (crapped out on us on our last winter tour and we’d love heat this time around).
  3. 4 new all terrain tires (our tires are bare and need to be replaced if we’re going to hit the road and snow again).
  4. New shocks (been destroyed due to not rotating the tires and uneven weight loads in the van).
  5. Tune up (needed after engine misfires on several cylinders).
  6. Oil change (“lube it or lose it”).
  7. Possible new rear axel due to poor shocks + hitch and trailer light installation.

All pretty basic shit, yeah, but those costs add up after a while, especially when you’re hauling ass across the country in the winter.

Go here to help the band out. Rewards include everything from a patch to frontman Charles Elliot lending guest vocals to your band’s album, so there’s really no loss here.

*Editor’s note: Van featured not Abysmal Dawn’s actual van, just some shitbox van we found online.

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[via The PRP]

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