Dude Booted From Trump Rally for “Trump Likes Nickelback” Sign


The political arena can get ugly quick, with mud-slinging and baseless personal attacks a common occurrence between opposing candidates. But accusations of financial malfeasance and racist views are one thing. Having it get out you like Nickelback? Inexcusable. You’re dead in the water.

Case in point, an attendee at a recent Donald Trump rally  was swiftly thrown out by Trump campaign officials. Why? He was holding a sign that read “TRUMP LIKES NICKELBACK.”

Reporters from NBC and CNN tweeted the following:

To be fair, Trump is not the first politician such accusations have been lobbed at. In 2012, Rahm Emmanuel fervently denied he was a supporter of Chad Kroeger and company. But still, given the heated political climate surrounding the upcoming presidential election, one can’t help but feel that this rally attendee was pushing things too far.

The question on all our minds, I’m sure, is — is it true? Does Trump sit around listening to the yarls of a band less respected than a pickle? One assumes Trump has never made it as a wise man, though I can’t imagine he knows much about trying to make it as a poor man stealing. Still, it must be hard for him to look out at that crowd, see that sign, and think, “This — this is how you remind me of what I really am?”

We’ll let you know if Trump denies or admits his love for Nickelback. In the meantime, we urge fans attending political rallies to make political statements that are a little more even-tempered. For instance, maybe show up wearing a Municipal Waste shirt!

[via Metal Insider]

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