Throw Away the LSD, Listen to Earthless’ “End To End” Instead


Do you like hallucinogens? Do you need some new music to listen to? Well you’re in luck because psychedelic rockers Earthless just dropped a new track called “End To End,” and it might very well be the grooviest thing since the last time the word groovy was regularly used in conversation. The song is trippy without needing any drugs; you’ll likely never need acid or mushrooms to see, smell and hear color ever again! How great is that? Really great, because all of that shit is expensive. If the first few riffs of “End to End” don’t make the walls start moving and turn all the shadows into cats, the solo absolutely will.

“End To End” is part of The Baker Skateboards EP, which is a collaboration that also includes Pell, Zig Zags, Denmark Vessey and The Goat and the Occasioanal Others. The EP drops January 29 and you will be able to download it for free via Scion A/V.

[via The PRP]

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