The New Graf Orlock Song Will Hit You Like “600,000 Tons of Explosive Ordnance”


Graf Orlock - Crime Traveler LP

Why are grind bands, usually known for their ferocious speed, so good at slowing shit down and churning out quality doom and/or sludge? Maybe the fact that the two genres exist in the opposite extremes of time signatures has something to do with it? Or maybe they just put something in the water. Y’know, the communal water that every grind band in the world shares… that’s a thing, right?

ANYWAY, the latest example of a grind band showing is “600,000 Tons of Explosive Ordnance” by Graf Orlock. The band has hinted at their possession of such a talent before, sort of, but “Ordnance” definitely kicks shit up a notch. If you already love Graf Orlock, well, this will be an unexpected, but truly excellent, change of pace; if you don’t usually like Graf Orlock, you should try this song on for size anyway, ’cause it’s way different than most of their material!

Blast “600,000 Tons of Explosive Ordnance” below, courtesy of Invisible Oranges. It will appear on Graf Orlock’s latest offering, Crime Traveler, which comes out February 5 on Vitriol. You can listen to another track from the album, “Difficult Decisions in the Yutani Mess Hall,” here, and pre-order Crime Traveler here.

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