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Don’t Miss It: Sturmovik’s Destination Somewhere Awesome

  • Anso DF

Hi again MetalSucks reader! Here in the first days of 2016, let’s continue to spotlight a few 2015 albums that may have been crowded off your radar. Some risked a greater chance of eluding your attention via their arrival during a highly-distracting season — and at the time when we’re looking back at the year’s best, then looking forward to vacation days, shopping, and family snuggling. Others maybe got stuck in line behind anticipated releases by our most trusted bands. Best case scenario, you’ve been jamming all of them for weeks. If not, don’t miss ’em now!


When’s the last time this happened to you: You’re standing around somewhere without a thought in your attractive head, when your bud suddenly scurries by. Clearly en route somewhere, dude answers your “what’s up?” by stating that their current destination is the fancy taco place around the corner. This idea strikes you in your very soul: The thought hadn’t yet reached your conscious brain that a desire burned deep within you for tacos from the fancy taco place around the corner. But it does and bam! now you know! So you go with dude to eat tacos at the “FTPATC.”

Imagine your friend is the band Kvelertak and you’re the band Sturmovik. And at the FTPATC –which in this analogy represents an awesome style of raging party hardcore — you and your bud order different things from the same menu. … Actually, the friend might be Sturmovik and the you is Kvelertak (or a number of other bands), it totally doesn’t matter, each sounds too true to doubt. And the situation is as innocent as tacos. Plus, Sturmovik especially believes in the pre-’90s concept of expressing emotional shit with a measure of detachment; that spares the listener the actual force of their anger while still expressing its history. They’re pissed off but they’re having a pretty good time. Their debut Destination Nowhere is an incredibly good time!! Crank it up!

Stumovik’s Destination Nowhere came out in November via Selfmadegod and landed on a MetalSucks Best of 2015 list. Get it here and here.

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