Dave Mustaine’s Favorite Metallica Song That He Helped Write is…


“The Call of Ktulu”!

This according to a new interview with LA Weekly:

“My favorite? Hmmm. Interesting. Good question. You know, I like ‘Phantom Lord’ and ‘Metal Militia’ because they are very interesting songs. But I think if you were going to go for my favorite Metallica song that I wrote it would probably have to be ‘Call of Ktulu.’ It stands on itself. And when you have a song that can stand on itself without words that’s a big statement.”

Fair reasoning! I would have guessed he’d choose “The Four Horseman,” given that he re-jiggered and re-recorded it with Megadeth under the name “Mechanix.” Good thing I didn’t have any money riding on it.

Here’s video of Mustaine performing “Phantom Lord” and “Metal Militia” with Metallica in 2011 as part of the band’s series of thirtieth anniversary shows, ’cause I can’t find any video of him doing “Ktulu” with them. Enjoy.

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