Someone Tried To Steal Intronaut’s Guitars Right Off The Goddamn Stage


It’s a sad reality that lots of bands get their gear stolen while out playing live, but few deal with equipment theft the way Intronaut did this weekend. On Saturday, the band played a free show at Slidebar in Fullerton, CA, and guitarist Sacha Dunable had his guitars stolen — from off the fucking stage!

The band posted the following:

“Thanks to everyone who came out to the show in Fullerton last night, that was super fun! And extra special thanks to the security guard at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen for tracking down and recovering Sacha‘s guitar from the dickhead who stole it right off the stage…”

First off, good on the folks at Slidebar. If someone is able to steal a musician’s gear from off the stage, your reputation depends on being able to track it down, especially given that Sacha makes his own guitars.

Second, the guy who stole those guitars has some chutzpah. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a total piece of shit for trying to rob a musician of his gear, and I hope he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but man, there’s a kind of Danny Ocean brilliance going on here. I can hear that conversation right now:

“So how do we break into the van?”

“Oh, we don’t break in anywhere. I’m going to walk up and take those guitars… right off the stage.”

ANYway, glad Sacha got his gear back. Intronaut begin their tour with Scale The Summit and North in March. Click here for dates.

[via The PRP]

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