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Here’s What Reddit Users Think of MetalSucks


It’s a good thing we here at MetalSucks don’t take the opinions of Reddit users to heart, because yeesh, Reddit users do not like MetalSucks! Not that they’re alone in that sentiment — lots and lots of folks hate us, we’re well aware — but this thread on Reddit about various metal blogs proves particularly enlightening. !

And entertaining! Gotta be able to take it if you’re gonna dish it out, right? Besides which, what else could we have expected from people who use a website with an interface that looks like an AOL forum in 1996?

Some of my personal favorite jabs: the one that call Axl Rosenberg “a sackless tool,” the guy who says “most people just went for the comments” (until we disabled image embedding, at which point everyone allegedly left), and the guy who wishes for a video of Axl getting punched in the throat.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Internet!

In case you’re wondering, some Reddit-approved metal sites include Cvlt Nation, No Cleaning Singing and Metal Storm — all great sites we frequent too! — with one poor sap even suggesting the late Gun Shy Assassin. lol

Check out some of the highlights below, and browse the entire thread here. Thanks for the love, everyone! xoxoxoxo


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