Video: There is a Church of Heavy Metal in Brazil


In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro there exists a magical place where church isn’t boring, judgmental or intolerant. This magical place is called the Metanóia Chapel.

And it might just be the most badass church of all time, if a church can even be such a thing. Instead of traditional hymns, Metanóia Chapel gets its worship on by playing music ranging from soft evangelical rock to Christian death metal after each sermon. Next, congregation mosh pits break out and the churchgoers start throwing down for Satan Jesus. Take a look.

I decided that I was too old for imaginary friends way back in high school, but if I were to ever change from my blasphemous ways, the Metanóia Chapel would be a pretty strong contender for my place of worship. Think about it; what metalhead wouldn’t enjoy a sermon from the book of Revelations about the apocalypse and the horned beast that ended with the preacher saying. “And that is the word of the Lord, our God. NOW LET’S OPEN UP THIS FUCKING PIT?” I mean, I’d go. Maybe not for the message but definitely for the music and the moshing.

Let’s just hope that when they play the heavy stuff they stick with Impending Doom instead of For Today.

Thanks: Drex!

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