La Chinga Conjure Up Some “White Witchy Black Majik”



I first listened to Canadian stoner rockers La Chinga for their name, and I’m not afraid to admit it. For those of you who never took Spanish in high school and have never seen a movie about Mexican gangsters, ‘chingar’ means ‘to fuck,’ so this band is named ‘the fuck,’ which pleases me to no end.

But wait, the music’s also good! Below is the video for the band’s new since “White Witchy Black Majik,” and it rocks. The song channels bands like Monster Magnet and Turbonegro, while the video itself is a psychedelic sex-and-monsters collage in the vein of Uncle Acid’s “Melody Lane” video. Overall, it’s a fun and solid dose of stripped-down weed rock. And, of course, it’s made by a band called La Chinga, so you’re already starting from a good place.

Check out “White Witchy Black Majik” below. The band’s newest album, Freewheelin‘, drops March 25th from Small Stone Recordings. Pre-order from the label Bandcamp.

[via Screaming Guitars]

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