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The New Prong Single is Pretty “Cut and Dry”



Life is crazy these days. Rock stars are dropping left and right, Behemoth make communion wafers and, hell, someone even had something nice to say about MetalSucks on our Facebook page. Is the apocalypse upon us? It might very well be, so if you need a little sanity in your life, fear not, for Prong are here with a new single that will keep everything simple: “Cut And Dry” off their upcoming album X – No Absolutes.

So yes, we’re getting another Prong album not even two years after 2014’s Ruining Lives and less than a year after their cover album Songs From The Black Hole. In the press release, frontman Tommy victor described the song as “one of the most hard-hitting and intense tracks Prong have ever released.” And yeah, it’s heavy. There are plenty of chugging riffs, double bass, and even a pretty kick ass guitar near the end of the song that has a bit of an Iron Maiden-sounding harmony to it.

X – No Absolutes drops February 5 via Steamhammer. You can check out “Cut And Dry” and the track listing for the album below, and you can pre-order it here.

  1. Ultimate Authority
  2. Sense of Ease
  3. Without Words
  4. Cut And Dry
  5. No Absolutes
  6. Do Nothing
  7. Belief System
  8. Soul Sickness
  9. In Spite Of Hindrances
  10. Ice Runs Through My Veins
  11. Worth Pursuing
  12. With Dignity
  13. Universal Law (digipak bonus track)
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