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Motörhead Guitarist Phil Campbell Working On Book of Funny Stories


Sadly, with Lemmy Kilmister’s passing came the end of Motörhead, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Thankfully, Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell isn’t letting the band’s memory die, but also isn’t keeping it alive in a perpetual state of morose mourning.

Campbell will release a book of funny stories and humorous anecdotes from the band’s history, at the very least to get them down on paper for posterity.

When asked about the book, Phil said the following:

“I don’t want a film about my life; no way. I’m working on a book of the funny stuff. I don’t want a life story; I just want the funny stuff. [It’s] gotta be documented, ’cause some of it’s pretty bizarre and unbelievable. It’s totally funny, though. [It’s a book about] my experiences. It’s what would normally not happen if you weren’t in this band.

“I’m seriously working on it now in January. It’ll be a year or two [before it comes out], but it’ll be worth it.”

I’m stoked for this. When you’re in the loudest band in the world, weird shit must happen to you left and right, and it’d be great to have those stories collected in one place. Lemmy’s autobiography, White Line Fever, captures some of them for sure — almost getting kidnapped in South America, telling Sid Vicious he can’t play, et cetera — but is a little disjointed and stream-of-consciousness at time. Having a book solely dedicated the insane Motörhead road legends is fantastic, and seems like something Lemmy would have enjoyed, given his wry sense of humor.

It’s also notable, and respectable, that Phil isn’t just trying to put together a Motörhead tribute band and take the road honoring his legacy into perpetuity. That Motörhead ended with Lemmy feels important to me, and while the tributes from Jack Daniels, GTA, and Food & Beverage Magazine have all been appreciated, wheeling out a touring Motörhead-Minus band would feel cheap and weird. How much Phil’s recent health issues are related to that, though, we can’t say.

Anyway, we’re excited for Campbell’s book, and we’ll let you know when it comes out, and if it has that story in it about the hole in Lemmy’s pants.


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