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Stream the New Textures Album Phenotype in Full Right Now!


Textures - PhenotypeYou guys, this new Textures album…. HO-LEE SHIT! Early contender for “Best of 2016” honors, no question.

As Axl’s been raving about for the past three months, Phenotype is absolutely phenomenal. I don’t know how, but Textures have seemingly one-upped themselves yet again Silhouettes one-upped Drawing Circles, Dualism one-upped Silhouettes, and now, in what’s becoming a pattern, Phenotype beats out Dualism. So rare is the band that gets better with each successive release, but Textures are that band. Phenotype is MORE of everything we’ve come to expect from these Dutchmen: excellent musicianship, non-liner song structures that still manage to be catchy, masterful melodies and plenty of dynamics.

What’s even more remarkable… Phenotype is heavier than anything they’ve done in years! That never happens! It’d be OK even this album weren’t heavier, but… it’s super-cool that it is.

Stream Phenotype below via Spotify and order it here (it’s out today!). It’s part one of a double album, the second installment of which — Genotype — will come out in 2017.

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