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Silver Snakes Are Plotting Something Devious with Saboteur


silver snakes

If you woke up today hungover and puking up undigested chunks of buffalo chicken from a Super Bowl party, don’t worry. You’re not alone. If that hangover is just really killing you and you need a pick-me-up, well, maybe go back to bed for a few hours and then check out Saboteur, the new record from Silver Snakes.

The first thing you might notice about Saboteur is how dangerously close it sounds to radio rock. This concern is absolutely warranted, but fear not, because the radio rock sound isn’t all there is to the album. There are plenty of industrial/electronic sound effects, plenty of soft interludes, ambience, and some heavy screaming parts that almost make Saboteur feel like progressive metal at points. But the weirdest thing? Even though I can totally see Silver Snakes being bumped on every douchey mainstream radio station, they still sound fantastic. The “radio rock” parts are pretty catchy and, for some strange reason, it works very well mixed in with the rest of the sounds that the album has to offer. So give it a listen, let that hangover melt away and try to have yourself a happy day, especially if you’re a Carolina Panthers fan.

Saboteur is out now via Evil Ink. You can stream the album below from their Bandcamp and you can purchase it here.

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