This Would Make Zakk Wylde Proud: A Rob Scallon Song Composed Entirely of Pinched Harmonics


As itty bitty cute wittle metalheads, Axl and I used to bow down at the alter of Zakk Wylde, listening in awe to his performance on No More Tears. The “guitar squeals,” as we used to call them, blew our collective minds — how could a human being possibly elicit those sounds from a guitar??? Of course, the use (or some would say over-use) of guitar squeals — which we now know are technically called pinched harmonics — has become one of Wylde’s trademarks.

Rob Scallon’s latest video delights me and Axl now [almost] as much as it would’ve delighted us back then: a song composed entirely using pinched harmonics. Scallon does Wylde’s legacy as proud, taking the concept completely over the top, as as his custom, in yet another highly entertaining vid. Check it out:

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