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Kanye West Apes Metallica and Judas Priest for New Logo

  • Axl Rosenberg

It would appear that Kanye West — or someone on his marketing team, at least — is once again co-opting metal culture for his own use. After previously being spotted in a Megadeth t-shirt and wearing the ugliest goddamn “heavy metal” sweatpants ever, last year, the rapper was accused of ripping off a Christian Mistress album cover. Now our pal Brian Storm had Rock Feed  has called attention the similarities between certain metal band logos and the new logo for the bane of Taylor Swift’s existence:

yeezus metallica judas priest logosyeezus-metallica-hats

I don’t think Metallica or Judas Priest have grounds to sue, so this will really just be something that metal fans on the internet are pissy about until there’s something better to be pissy about. Kanye West will continue to be rich and famous and unaware of anything not pertaining directly to himself. C’est la vie.

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