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For A Thousand Bucks, You Can Own This Gene Simmons Mask


It seems like every band has a signature latex mask coming out, from Motörhead to Venom. But so far, these masks have only been slightly exorbitantly-priced, and only a little garish. We need a rock star to put out a totally unpleasant yet extremely expensive mask, the kind of thing that preys on both fan loyalty and financial limitations. Who’s good at that… hmm…

Why, how could I forget — Gene Simmons and KISS, kings of slapping a band logo on an expensive piece of shit no one needs!

Simmons has recently released a new limited-edition latex mask of “The Demon”, his character within KISS, for the scant price of $999.99. And while this mask is incredibly realistic, that only serves to make it creepier in an uncanny valley kind of way. Check it out:




Wow, how utterly gross. Unless you’re an incredibly rich KISS Army member, or the kind of collector who’d rather buy this mask than pay for a year-plus of car insurance, you’re probably not jumping at the chance to buy this mask. And even if you ARE one of those things, you shouldn’t buy this.

Anyway, Simmons’ “Demon” mask is limited to a run of 200, so feel free to drop a grand here and get one. If you can’t afford one, maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling you to be nicer to rich people. 


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