Machine Head Stop French Show Mid-Set Due to Robb Flynn’s Illness


Machine Head’s Robb Flynn will suffer through a lot to keep the show rolling. Robb went out on tour less than a week after getting gallbladder surgery, and was willing to shit in diapers onstage if it meant giving the fans what they want. Dude is raw.

So when we heard Machine Head cut last night’s Cleremont, France show mid-set due to Robb’s chest infection, we understood that it had to be one hell of a chest infection. Apparently, Robb’s illness is no joke, and has put some of the other dates on the European leg of the ‘An Evening With Machine Head’ tour in peril.

The band released the following statement:

“Clermont Ferrand, as you know, the chest flu and hacking cough that Robb had, stopped any sound from coming out of his throat a 5 songs into our set. We are very sorry that we were unable to finish tonight’s performance. Robb wanted to personally apologize in the video below.

The doctor that visited Robb after the show instructed him not to sing for 4 days or his voice would not return for the tour. Unfortunately, what that means is Wednesday’s show in Luxembourg is on a “wait and see” basis.

We will keep you posted as soon as we know more information.”

Damn. Obviously, this is a huge bummer for French and Luxembourgian fans, but given how Flynn is hacking and coughing throughout this video, it looks like he needs the time off. It’s one thing to blast diarrhea into a diaper midway through “Davidian”; it’s another entirely to burst into a coughing fit that has you hacking up throat lining.

Anyway, we wish Flynn a swift recovery. We’ll let our large, diehard readership in Luxembourg know if the show gets cancelled.

[via The PRP]

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