This Video of Ghost Winning Their GRAMMY is Hilarious


Update: The guy on stage with Ghost is Meliora producer, Klas Åhlund. Thanks for the tip, Frank!

Original post: The “Best Metal Performance” Grammy has for years been relegated to the pre-telecast ceremony, where only a smattering of folks sit in the audience while everyone else is out at the main venue doing the whole red carpet thing. That alone makes this video footage of Ghost winning their Grammy last night — captured by Rock Feed — inadvertently hilarious. There are a few loud cheers from people who probably work with the band, but mostly just confused faces… and a LOT of empty seats.

But that’s not all. Apparently the folks behind the ceremony couldn’t get it together to play the actual song that won the award while Ghost walked down the aisle, which is incredibly lame. Also, does anyone know who those other two non-masked dudes are? And why only one of them joined Ghost on stage? I also love Ghost’s matter-of-fact acceptance; “No biggie! Thanks, everyone!”

Congrats again to Ghost.

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