Lars Ulrich to Drop Some Knowledge on UC Berkley Students Who Have Never Paid For Music



Hey, bro, sup? Cranking that dub-crunk you kids love twerking to so much? Hoping to get some tech job here in the Bay Area, memorize a bunch of sayings from TED Talks, buy a fashion dog? Well, let me learn you for a second, son. Did you know that the Bay Area was once home to a thriving artistic community who could never survive here now due to the current rent prices? It’s true!

That’s why you need to attend Lars Ulrich’s event at UC Berkley on March 2nd. Doctor Lars has gotten together a crew of artists and musicians, including James Hetfield, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Primus’ Les Claypool, and even his own dad, Torben Ulrich, to talk about why creative people choose the Bay Area to be their home. They’ll probably drop some real brilliant advice on how to survive around here, like moving here eighteen years ago, or relocating to Seattle.

Some come let Papa Lars tell you how it really is to be a millionaire in the most expensive city on earth. The event’s only $5.00, which even a millennial paying $2,500 a month for a cupboard in Oakland can afford! You can get tickets by going here, and ticket holders even get admitted to a party in the lobby afterwards with hot wax being spun by Son of Ammo!  You like Son of Ammo, right? Right, dogg?

Never heard of him? Well, nevermind. The point is, Lars Ulrich from Metallica is hosting the event! What? Oh, Metallica were a band from around here…


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