Exclusive Premiere: Heiress, “Remains”


How much do we love Seattle, WA’s Heiress? Last February we premiered their sophomore effort Of Great Sorrow, and only a year later we’re doing so again for “Remains,” a track from their forthcoming new album Made Wrong. It’s that seamless blend of noise rock, AmRep riffage, grunge and modern metal/hardcore that delights us so. We can’t get enough. If Heiress came to us tomorrow and asked us to rename this site to HeiressSucks, we’d probably do it.

Is that not enough of an endorsement? Try this: vocalist John Pettibone used to handle the mic for both Himsa and Undertow, their last album was produced by Tad Doyle and this one was helmed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, ISIS, Botch, Pearl Jam). Them’s some serious names right there.

Or you could just, ya know, listen. Check out “Remains” below and, if you dig it (which you will), jam another song from the album called “Clearing.”

Made Wrong comes out March 18th via The Mylene Sheath. Pre-order here.

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